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          2017-07-17 14:03:49

          A Strong Gift with Tungsten Carbide Ring

          With the coming Christmas, finding a perfect gift for your furture gentleman! Why not a gift that captures your special guys' power and strength with a bold sense of adventure?
          In the old times, typically men's rings were made from the same material as women's,Gold, silver and platinum were very goods choice for men. With development of times,other materials for mens' rings to the forefront,because of our changes in taste and lifestyle, chiefly among them  tungsten carbide rings.
          Tungsten carbide has been applicated in different industries like aerospace and military arenas,making it that much more desirable for the modern male to have on his finger. They have a futuristic aura. Tungsten carbide rings gives a man unique freedom to express his individuality.
          Tungsten is a very hard, dense metal, possessing the highest melting point of all metals - 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, tungsten is very susceptible to scratching and other damage by itself. When combined with a carbon alloy, it gains a hardness of 8.5 to 9.5 on the Mohs scale, making it optimal for use in industry as well.
          With extreme hardness and always polished appearance, tungsten carbide rings is a fintastic gift to the man in your life. Because of their hardness, the ring will never be scratched. And unlike titanium rings, which are also hot on the men's jewelry market now, a tungsten ring cannot be bent out of shape.
          One drawback to all this damage resistance, however, in that tungsten carbide rings are almost impossible to resize. For this reason, if the ring is to be a gift, make sure you select the right size.
          When selecting a tungsten ring for the man on your list, make sure to select a cobalt-free ring. Some cheaper tungsten carbide rings use this alloy in the production process. Cobalt can be combined with tungsten much easier, making for a cheaper production process. However, the cobalt can react with the oils in your skin and develop permanent oxidation damage that cannot be removed.
          For a gift as strong and powerful as the special man you are selecting it for - tungsten carbide stands the test of time.

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