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          2019-11-08 12:59:58

          Alloy ball of cemented carbide

          Cemented carbide ball, commonly known as tungsten steel ball, is a material ball made of cemented carbide. The hardness of the ball and cemented carbide ball is high, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, bending resistant, and the use environment is bad. It can replace all steel ball products.


          Cemented carbide ball type:


          Cemented carbide ball is a kind of high hardness refractory metal with micro powder of cemented carbide (WC, TIC) as its main component, cobalt (CO), nickel (Ni), molybdenum (MO) as binder, sintered into powder metallurgy products in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace.


          YW series.


          YG6 cemented carbide ball, YG6X cemented carbide ball, YG8 cemented carbide ball, yg13 cemented carbide ball, YG20 cemented carbide ball, yn6 cemented carbide ball, yn9 cemented carbide ball, yn12 cemented carbide ball, YT5 cemented carbide ball, YT15 cemented carbide ball.


          Characteristics and properties of cemented carbide balls:


          Cemented carbide ball is characterized by high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bending resistance and poor service environment, which can replace all steel ball products. Hardness of cemented carbide ball ≥ 90.5, density = 14.9g/cm3.


          Use of cemented carbide ball:

          Cemented carbide ball is widely used in such high-end industries as precision bearing, instrument, instrument, pen, sprayer, water pump, mechanical accessories, seal valve, brake pump, punching, oil field, hydrochloric acid laboratory, hardness tester, fishing tool, counterweight, decoration and finishing!

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