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          2017-07-17 14:05:35

          Downturn in tungsten market,Quotation slightly chaotic

          Tungsten market: the market atmosphere, purchaser constantly interacting, but low-cost shipping business, merchants more wait-and-see market. Tungsten steel market clinches a deal difficult, quotation slightly chaotic. Blade waste tungsten market demands well, there are still certain clinch a deal, bit and diamond die clinch a deal. Tungsten concentrates market overall demand is still not free, the businessman foreign quotation is not positive, shipment will is not strong. Short-term market is expected to weak.

          Molybdenum market: due to the internal business increases rapidly, while the downstream suppliers demand for high-priced products accept ability is limited, so the actual price clinch a deal failed to moderate, makes the product price rise has slowed. The late steel bidding will enter the arena is expected to further good support for the field. Expected short-term vanadium city towards or preferences.

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