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          2018-06-18 18:47:34

          High precision mechanical Tungsten Carbide O Seal Ring

          Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings / Rollers have the characters of high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and good compressive properties.It's widely used in petrochemical industries  and other industries which call for high properties of the mechanical sealing rings or parts.

           Tungsten Carbide O Seal Ring

          Recommended grade list of Tungsten Carbide O Seal Ring

          GradeDensity   (g/cm3)Hardness   (more than HRA)Strength   (Mpa)Recommended application
          YGH2014.30-14.5086.52500Maximum hardness,excellent wear resistance.used in the last 1-2 stands of good high speed bars.
          YGH2514.10-14.3085.52520Higher wear resistance.moderate impact resistance in the series.used in the last 1-3 stands of good high speed bars.
          YGH3013.90-14.10842520Moderate wear resistance and impact resistance.Good for general purpose.used in the last 1-4 stands or all stands or finishing mills.
          YGH4013.60-13.8083.52570Best for general purpose.Used in the front stands of good mills and in the rear stands of common mills.
           YGH4513.45-13.6582.52570Used in the first and second stands of finishing mill and in the stands of pre-finishing rolling mills . For every milling lines for low speed rolling, low precision and unstable operation.
          YGH5512.90-13.10812570Maximum binder content in YGH series Good toughness and thermal crack resistance.used in the stands of pre-finishing rolling mills and for roll rings for hot rolling of cribbed steel.

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