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          2019-11-15 13:48:08

          Key points for cemented carbide welding

          Because of its high hardness and good wear resistance, cemented carbide is an advantage. However, high hardness also increases the difficulty of machining. As a result, many manufacturers will use some other materials to weld non critical components.


          During cemented carbide welding, the following points shall be paid attention to:


          1. Cemented carbide is a kind of powder metallurgy sintering product with high hardness. When welding, try to use fire to directly burn the cemented carbide, which is easy to crack.


          2. In order not to overheat, the cemented carbide can be welded. The melting point of silver is larger than that of copper, which reduces the heating of cemented carbide.


          3. In cold weather, it is better to use quicklime for heat preservation of welded carbide products. During welding, the carbide is heated violently. Once the heating stops, the cemented carbide cools again, leading to cracking of cemented carbide.


          4. For the strong welding of cemented carbide, try to put some flux first.

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