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          2017-07-17 14:06:03

          Price is more chaotic in tungsten market

          According to Chinese customs statistics analysis, in February 2014, China's exports of 1022 tons tungsten products (including mixture), and fell 31.78%, mainly affected by the lunar New Year holiday. And the first two months of tungsten exports of 2538 tons, up 5.14% from a year earlier. According to understand from export enterprises, foreign procurement is normal, is still some old customers in maintaining the purchase, purchase quantity has not increased dramatically. Now it's hard to judge overseas demand has improved, but it does present a growth momentum. It is expected to export 4280 tons of tungsten 1-3 month, up 2.5% from a year earlier.
          As can be seen from the main export tungsten products quantity, APT, partial ammonium tungstate and tungsten carbide exports year-on-year growth, mainly because of abroad to improve the standard of environmental protection. Export APT477 1-2 month tons, up 115.92%;Partial ammonium tungstate exports of 409 tons, up 304% from a year earlier. Tungsten carbide of 325 tons,up 10.1% from a year earlier. Tungsten oxide exports are still falling, exports of 487 tons yellow tungsten oxide 1-2 month, fell 7.74% year on year; Exports of 294 tons of blue tungsten oxide, fell 3.61% year on year.
          Imports from tungsten, tungsten imports in February 2014, 288 tons of imported 695 tons of 1-2 month, down 33% compared with the same period in 2013.Imported tungsten products mainly of tungsten concentrate, accounting for more than 90% of total imports. Influenced by weak demand and domestic supply surplus, the first two months of tungsten imports fell sharply. It is expected to import 1190 tons of tungsten, 1-3 month fell 22.3% year on year.
          On February 1st  2014,516 tons of tungsten concentrate was imported, the fujian province imported 433 tons of tungsten concentrate, accounted for 84% of the total; Liaoning Province imported 26 tons, accounting for 5% of the imports. In previous years, guangdong is a major area of tungsten concentrate imports, almost no import 1-2 month this year. China's imported tungsten concentrate mainly from Russia, Canada, Rwanda, Bolivia, and Vietnam etc.

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