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          2019-11-04 13:53:12

          Selection principle of formant in cemented carbide production

          The production process of cemented carbide is a very strict operation process. The production of cemented carbide includes three main processes: mixture preparation, molding and sintering. Each process must strictly comply with the production standards to ensure the quality optimization of cemented carbide products.


          Generally, the forming agent should be added to the cemented carbide mixture before forming. The main function of formant is to increase the viscosity of powder, promote the realization of forming and improve the strength of billet. Due to the high hardness, high modulus of elasticity, high compressive strength and high refractories as the matrix components of cemented carbide, it is very difficult to produce plastic deformation in the process of urgency, so we should add enough molding agent powder bond form at a lower pressure. Another function of adding formant is to promote granulation, improve the fluidity and lubricity of powder, and promote the uniform distribution of blank density. After adding the formant, the powder particles are covered with a thin layer of formant. This thin layer plays a protective role, can greatly reduce the oxidation rate of the powder, so that the billet can be stored for a long time without obvious oxidation. When adding the forming agent, special attention should be paid to the influence of carbon and impurities in the forming agent, which will have a negative impact on the properties of cemented carbide.


          The selection principle of forming agent in cemented carbide production, the ideal forming agent should meet the following basic requirements: 

          1. It has good viscosity to ensure that the blank reaches a certain strength.


          2. It has certain lubricity, which can reduce the internal and external friction of particles in the process of powder compaction and make the blank density even.


          3. Low melting point, liquid at room temperature, or soluble in volatile solvent, and evenly mixed with cemented carbide.

          4. The volatilization temperature is low, which can be eliminated in the form of gas in the low temperature sintering stage, and the carbon content is easy to control.

          5. High purity, no residual harmful impurities.

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