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          2019-11-19 09:38:37

          What are the factors that affect the quality of cemented carbide inserts

          Recently, there are many cemented carbide blade customers consult cemented carbide blade. In fact, this is a very common problem. It is estimated that many people want to find out which factors limit the sharpness of cemented carbide blades.


          This problem seems simple, but in fact, it's not so easy to be determined, because it involves the carbide blade material and manufacturing process, and the carbide blade material in the sintering process, especially the carbide sintering process is not a word, two languages can clearly say, thank you for the support and love of most of your customers for a long time, Xiaobian is to clarify the understanding of this problem. Let Xiaobian introduce the elements that determine the sharpness of cemented carbide blades:


          1. The quality of cemented carbide blade itself is the main factor for the sharpness of cemented carbide blade. The blade material itself is absolutely ground but not a good blade. We believe that the hard body without wheat straw is known to all.


          2. The first factor to determine the sharp edge of cemented carbide blade is whether the formulation of blade material is reasonable. Blade materials, for example, whether the alloy composition with high wear resistance is twitching in precious metal components, TAC, Ministry of Commerce, cr3c, ru2 and so on. The alloy composition and proportion of these precious metal elements are also very important. These are high-quality materials. Senior engineer, I can't swim.


          3. The particle size of the blade material is an important factor to determine the blade material, and also an important factor to determine the sharp edge of the cemented carbide blade.


          4. The sintering process of the blade material also determines the cemented carbide material of the cemented carbide blade. The superpressure sintering of the cemented carbide material without overpressure is two completely different levels.


          5. The blade grinding process will form a reasonable cemented carbide blade, which has different grinding technology and different grinding wheel with different particle size and different materials milled by coolant. Its sharpness and durability will be completely different results. In view of the particularity of cemented carbide grinding process, this paper does not introduce the specific situation of these three words in detail. We will make a special introduction later.


          6. The use of the blade is also the key to determine the sharp edge of the carbide blade. I believe that the experience of customers is much deeper than that of small companies.