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          2019-11-26 14:54:54

          What are tungsten copper alloys used in?

          Many people will face such a problem that the use of Wu copper is required for partial or EDM, but the buyer does not know Wu copper alloy, which is used for making. Zhuling copper mold professional manufacturer, the supplier of Pearl River Delta mold enterprise, arranges the following purposes: Copper


          1. Resistance welding electrode, advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc erosion resistance, high strength, high specific gravity, conductivity, thermal conductivity,


          Because of its high hardness, high melting point and tungsten resistance, it is often used as butt welding electrode with certain wear resistance and high temperature resistance.


          2. High voltage switch tube electrode: for the work of high voltage vacuum discharge tube, the contact material will have zero temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius in a few seconds, and tungsten copper ablation resistance and high toughness


          3. Good electrical and thermal conductivity


          Provide the necessary working conditions for the robust stability of the discharge tube.


          Space and high performance materials: high density copper alloy, high evaporation cooling performance, high temperature strength and erosion resistance, in aerospace industry and other missiles, rocket nozzle throat liner, gas rudder assembly, air rudder, engine cover and weight, etc

          Langsun Carbide has all kinds of shapes and sizes of cemented carbide products including carbide rods, carbide plates, carbide rings, carbide bushings, carbide nozzles, carbide balls, valves and nonstandard carbide parts. We feel very pride that our tungsten carbide products are widely used in the following fields, Mechanical seals, oil and natural gas industry, New Energy, Military industry, Aerospace, Auto parts industry, Steel smelting, Coal mining, Chemical industry. More detail: www.mitraweb.net