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          2018-06-25 15:14:01

          high hardness tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle

          (1) Unique advantage of tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle

          1. Adopt supermicron grain size, which can result in  better wear-reseistance and longer life span.

          2. Content of cobalt: below 0.6%.

          3. Super oxygen-resistant

          4. Using HIP sintering which can increase the performance of carbide greatly.

          5. Precision Ground and polished


          (2)Physic character of  tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle

          1. Long life span:  80 hrs for finish grinding, 140hrs for rough grinding

          2. Density:15.45g/cm3 —15.60 g/cm3

          3. Hardness:2000Mpa-2400Mpa

          4. the tolerance of polish and ground can be +0.005/-0.005m


          (3) Application of  tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle:

          1. Metal cutting

          2.Ceramic cutting

          3.Stone cutting

          4.Glass cutting

          5. Others